You don’t have to spend $1,000s to get your business online, HEEBOB will build you a professional looking website at a fraction of the cost and time!

5 basic steps for building your website

Look at your options below, once you have an idea of what you’d like, continue to fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you asap!

What your standard website can include in the base price for FREE:

  • A page where your customers can leave reviews
  • Social Media Icons
  • All kinds of forms such as a ‘contact us’ form
  • A photo gallery
  • Responsive (adjusts for smaller screen sizes)
  • Unique color/texture background
  • A link to your website on (this will help you rank higher in search engines and get traffic to your site!)
  • And stock images!

You may check out our Samples and Examples to see more in depth what some items above may look like.

Optional website add-ons:

  1. SEO Friendly – This is a highly recommended add-on. With this add-on we will make your site more relevant in search engines like google.  This includes adding SEO friendly alternative text to photos, and SEO friendly keywords and phrases around your site.
  2. Google Analytics – We will add your Google Analytics code onto the back end of your website so you can view all sorts of stats and information on your website visitors. This is a highly recommended add-on for anyone with a business website; tracking your customers’ habits, location, etc is invaluable!
  3. Content Writing – This add-on is needed if you don’t have the information for your website’s pages (like “about us” and “contact us”), or if you’d like it changed – we will come up with content for you!
  4. Logo – If your business is new and you don’t yet have a logo, we will design a logo for you according to any guidelines you provide.  You may make minor changes once it’s finished.
  5. Appointment Booking Calendar – A place right on your website where your customers can book an appointment with you!
  6. Store – If your business sells products we can add them to your site so your customers can purchase right from your site!
  7. Favicon – This is a highly recommended add-on. A favicon is a little icon in the tabs on most web browsers that shows your logo and makes your site look more professional:

    favicon examples
    favicon examples

Now that you have an idea of what you want, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you asap!

*These fees are $160 up front for the first year, and $130/year billed yearly thereafter